Unconformity By John McLellan (exclusive signed copies)



‘Unconformity’ is a novel by John McLellan, acclaimed author of The Faultline.

Many people remember times when life felt in full flow. This novel follows a group of young people living in such a moment, in the mid-eighties. Spread across four summers, the novel commences on the glaciers of the French Alps and evolves amongst the geologically ancient and spectacular scenery of the North West Highlands of Scotland. Although this is a standalone novel, readers of his debut novel ‘The Faultline’ will enjoy some continuation of the characters and their journey. Whether living in the Highlands, visiting, or attracted by them, this story about love in the mountains will likely charm you”

Available to pre-order now, with the novel being published on 12th April 2024.

If you would like to request a dedicated copy, please include your dedication in the comments field on your order.