Voices from the Hill

In Scotland’s Highland Clearances of the 19th century landowners evicted hundreds of families to make way for sheep farms. A laird in Wester Ross, Sir Francis Mackenzie, and his younger brother would take no part in the Clearances. While cruel evictions were being made on neighbouring estates and in the Hebrides the brothers were planning new townships for their crofters to give them more land, security of tenure and better living conditions. Peter Crookston tells the story of this unique experiment and describes the lives of crofters farming on the estate today.

Scotland from the Sky

BASED ON THE LANDMARK BBC SERIES ‘SCOTLAND FROM THE SKY’ ‘In this book, you will travel in both space and time, starting in the years around the First World War and moving all the way up to the present day. As you go, you will see just what our pioneering aviators saw as they stared out from their cockpits. And, more than that, you will explore what they were trying to find. Because, from above, Scotland can be many different things, depending on what you choose to look at – and who is doing the looking.’

A History of Scotland’s landscapes

It is easy to overlook how much of our history is preserved all around us – the way the narrative of bygone days has been inscribed in fields, forests, hills and mountains, roads, railways, canals, lochs, buildings and settlements. Indeed, footprints of the past are to be found almost everywhere.

Wild Guide Scotland

Wild Guide Scotland

A new compendium of adventures, from the best-selling Wild Guide series (winner of travel guidebook of the year 2015). This guide to Scotland and the Scottish highlands and islands, one of Europe’s fastest growing adventure holiday destinations, explores the hidden parts of its better known tourist areas, as well many more remote regions, rarely visited by tourists.