Book Review: The Legend of Conner MacSheep

The Legend of Conner MacSheep (Real Highlanders Wear Wool) by Elfi Sch?niger

Several chapters of a new children’s story are set in Ullapool.? Originally written in German and now translated into English, this is a tale for children or for the young-at-heart, starring a clan of lovable sheep who live in the northern Highlands.Conner is born into the flock on the night of a full moon and, as the other sheep gather round, they sense a mystical quality about him…

Reader – suspend disbelief, for this is just a daft wee story, where sheep take part in Highland games by Loch Assynt, wear kilts, enjoy a dram, gossip, and generally get up to mischief.? Conner grows up bold and adventurous, and takes to making expeditions by night into Ullapool, where he finds he has a sweet tooth after wandering into deserted kitchens and gorging on cranachan and other tasty treats. On his final trip into Ullapool our hero nearly comes unstuck. The village of Bettyhill also appears.? (These sheep get about.) The book ends on a mystical note, with the author’s love for everything Highland shining through, and lots of nods to Gaelic customs. The drawing on the front cover is of Ardvreck Castle. There are even recipes for some of Conner’s favourite treats at the end, including cranachan.

A graphic English version of the book is planned.? Can’t wait to see the illustrations! This is just a nonsense book, but it’s fun as well, and nothing wrong with that.